Ramadan 2019

Format Advertising & Branded Content
Partner Mill+
Fixation Production partner
Location Morocco
We worked with The Mill and their creative team to produce a brand activation campaign, aired at Ramadan and aimed at their middle-eastern audience. It focused on playing with the region's architectural beauty and the natural light and patterns that embodies the culture.

Jacques Cartier visited the Middle East on numerous occasions and, like artist M.C. Escher was profoundly influenced by the intricate, interlocking geometry and decorative patterns found in the regions art and architecture. The film pays homage to that fascination and the role it played in shaping Cartier pieces.

We secured the stunning Mahkama Du Pacha palace in Casablanca and sourced world class Moroccan crew who were on a break from filming the series Homeland nearby. We shot timelapse of the location to witness how light played on the structure at different times of the day and into the night then managed the shoot over two days.