Castrol GTX


Format Advertising & Branded Content
Fixation Production Partner
Location Malaysia
We worked with Space Digital to produce a branded content film for Castrol GTX to appeal to their Chinese and Asian market. The idea was to create a simple 'day in the life of' that would appeal to a family audience and illustrate how Castrol products play a role within it. A father takes his children to school, goes to work then they drive into the mountains to look at stars.

The product was Castrol SUV – a very specific oil aimed at those car owners. The concept of a narrative that families could relate to was an obvious fit and Space Digital developed one which allowed us to see an SUV in a range of environments. We needed to scout Malaysia to look like China, cast for that market and source all crew, kit and props. We also had to source a particular range of SUV which isn’t readily available there and involved driving it 7 hours down to Kuala Lumpur!

Producing drone footage and car to car was a challenge as was scouting Malaysia to pass as mainland China.