Nespresso Master Origins

Format Advertising & Branded Content
Fixation Full Production
Location Indonesia, India, Costa Rica, Ethiopia
We worked with Nespresso on an advertising campaign to launch their new product line “Master Origins”. We were introduced to an existing concept which had been fleshed out internally by Nespresso and was aimed to celebrate the art and craft that comes with the coffee brewing profession. We also produced stills and campaign assets in various other countries.

The brief was to draw a parallel between traditional craftsmen and coffee farmers – they both take from nature and create something incredible. Conceptually is was quite developed but we needed to find these craftsmen in a remote part of Indonesia and make sure they would be able to manage the filming process and bring the idea to life. We worked with director/DOP duo Trunk Films to find a filming language that would work, as well as a visual style that maintained the sense of realism and authenticity that runs through Nespresso’s brand identity.

The concept as written needed to convey its message with several different elements but within a very short amount of screen time so it was essential to strip it back to bare essentials whilst retaining everything that was intended. The lushness of the scenery, the two protagonists, their crafts, products and what linked them all needed to shine through in 20 seconds …

We used high end equipment, with vintage anamorphic lenses and careful consideration of lighting conditions to create an overall feeling of fertility, flavour and the honesty of traditional craft. We’re extremely pleased with how it came out and feel that the core sentiment shines through effectively – ‘good coffee is crafted, not made’.

We also produced stills and drone footage in various other countries to tie in with their product range.