Castrol GTX

Car Wash & Brai

Format Advertising & Branded Content
Partner Space Digital
Fixation Production partner
Location South Africa
We worked with Space Digital to produce a branded content film for Castrol GTX as part of their broader campaign with enthusiast Irv Gordon who drove a 1966 Volvo 3 million miles around the world using Castrol oil. The film focussed on a car wash in Johannesburg who offer Brai BBQ to customers while they wait. The film was designed to be light hearted, fun and show the characters who work there whilst explaining the essential role Castrol oil plays in protecting cars in South Africa.

As part of Castrol GTX’s wider campaign to capitalise on their relationship with Irv, they wanted to appeal to the African market. Using real people, shot in documentary style at a unique ‘Car Wash & Brai’ the workers there did the heavy lifting – bringing smiles and a lively narrative through which to talk about the role the product played in maintaining vehicles in the harsh South African climate.

Logistically the shoot was straight foreward – we shot in Soweto Township using a core local team who navigated the bureaucracy, security and made sure the production flowed as smoothly as it would at home.

The film aired globally online and was recognised by the ‘Brand Film Festival’ in London as well as ‘Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards’.